Making your cover letter stand out with an engaging tone

When was the last you wrote a cover letter that you were proud of?

Although that may be a question that we don’t think about often, executives like you know that crafting a cover letter isn’t just a formality,; it’s a strategic move. In the realm of professional pursuits, the ability to make your cover letter stand out can be a real game-changer. 

This isn’t about gimmicks or clichés, it’s an exploration to make sure your cover letter not only reaches the hiring manager’s desk but leaves a mark that will last long after you get hired. Here are some practical insights on elevating your cover letter – from an introduction to a standout story.

Start Strong

Crafting a compelling opening for your cover letter is crucial to capture the reader’s attention. Start off by initiating your cover letter with a concise and impactful statement. Clearly express your interest and immediately convey what makes you a standout candidate. It’s also important to tailor your opener for each application. Reference specific aspects of the company or role to show genuine interest.

Finally, project confidence in your abilities right from the start. Avoid generic language and confidently highlight your relevant skills, setting a tone of assurance and competence.

Show, Don’t Tell: List Down Achievement and Numbers

Cut through the fluff and get to the point in your cover letter. Rather than vague assertions, let your achievements do the talking. Numbers speak louder than words, so quantify your impact with specifics. 

Provide real figures and actual achievements and KPIs met to underline your contributions. This straightforward approach adds weight to your application and gives the hiring manager a clear snapshot of your professional prowess. 

It’s not about flashy language; it’s about showcasing your concrete value in a language any recruiter can understand.

Keep it Short

Think of a cover letter like a teaser trailer for your professional story. Hit the highlights, spark curiosity, and leave them wanting more. Hiring managers sift through countless applications, so make every word count. A concise cover letter not only respects their time but also showcases your ability to distill information effectively–a skill any employer would appreciate. Here are some non-negotiables in making your cover letter short but impactful.

Use Keywords 

Select keywords directly related to the job description. These act as power punches, instantly communicating your alignment with the role without unnecessary elaboration.

Prioritize Impactful Content

Focus on the most compelling aspects of your experience. Highlight achievements, skills, or unique qualities that directly connect with the job requirements. Less is more when each word carries weight.

Trim the Fat

Ruthlessly edit your cover letter to remove redundancies and aim for clarity and precision. Imagine each sentence as prime real estate: if it doesn’t significantly contribute, cut it.

Finish Strong, Add a CTA

Finish strong by incorporating a compelling Call to Action (CTA) to your cover letter. Express your eagerness to discuss your application further in an interview and provide clear contact information. This proactive step not only invites further engagement but also demonstrates your interest.  By adding a CTA, you transform your closing into an opportunity, ensuring your cover letter isn’t just read but prompts the next step in your professional journey.

Sample effective CTAs:

  • “I welcome the opportunity to discuss my potential contributions. Can we schedule a conversation at your earliest convenience?”
  • “Keen on aligning our goals for mutual success. Let’s connect soon for a focused discussion.”
  • I’m available for a brief discussion at your convenience. Looking forward to the opportunity.
  • I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to [Company Name]

A cover letter is only the beginning of your successful career journey. Here at Innova Resume, we’re here to make sure that you get your story right from the start. Download a resume template and cover letter today from our shop.