4 Social Media Mistakes that Will Kill Your Job Search

Your social media behavior is more relevant than you think. In fact, Careerbuilder says that 60% of HR managers check job applicants’ social media activity as part of the screening process. It is therefore important to check what you post on social media, especially if you use it on a daily basis. Here are 5 social media don’ts you need to avoid, especially if you are on a job hunt.

1. Being rude, dramatic, petty or insulting online

Childish, petty behavior speaks volumes about your character and work ethic and is something that any HR manager will pick up on. Being rude or combative against someone online, whether it’s a friend who commented on a Facebook post or on a random tweet posted by an acquaintance, will not garner you any positive points with a prospective employer.

2. Airing office grievances in Facebook

If you have the habit of airing every work-related complaint on social media, from how your forced overtime is killing your social life to how lunch at the canteen is not fit for human consumption, expect your chances of getting hired to go down fast. Employers do not take kindly to employees who bad mouth them. If your prospective boss sees that you didn’t let up on the negative comments when you were on your previous job, he or she will automatically assume that you’re going to do the same with your next employer.

3. Posting drunk photos and videos on Instagram

This is a definite no-no, whether you are looking for new employment or not. Drunk photos tell everyone that you can’t hold your liquor and you have no problem posting these types of images for people to see. The fact that you would even post photos like these imply that you think being seen in this state is brag-worthy, which many employers may find even more troubling. Employers look down on photos of drunken binges, even if the occasion wasn’t work-related. To be on the safe side, always assume that employers will take drunken photos of you negatively by default.

4. Poor grammar and spelling

Not every job will require exemplary grammar and spelling but if you are applying for a white-collar job that requires at least proper use of grammar and minimal spelling mistakes, your social media activity should reflect that. Avoid using social media abbreviations and take care when posting, especially when it comes to sites related to your work-life like LinkedIn. Because this a work-related platform, employers are less forgiving of spelling and grammar mistakes than they would if you committed the same on Facebook or Instagram. Overall, using correct spelling and grammar shows that you are conscientious about the details of communication and this will earn you definite plus points with your future boss.

Social media reveals a lot about who you are, how you work and how you relate to others, all qualities that you also bring to the workplace. If you are on a job hunt, make sure your social media activity reflects your positive traits and downplays the negative so you can increase your chances of getting hired.