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10 Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Job

Jobs aren’t meant to last forever, and most people will change jobs several times in their working years. Just like a relationship, a job should be fulfilling and allow you to grow personally. Sometimes it’s impossible to find just the right job, but sometimes the right job becomes wrong over time.

If your job has become stressful and overwhelming, it might be time to turn in your resignation. Here are 10 signs that you may be ready to quit your job and do something else.

1. You see no future in your job

Ideally, the first job you take with a company will lead you to a position with more benefits and prestige. At the very least, you should be given the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and roles as you grow into your job.

If you take a hard look at what you’re doing for a living and see no opportunity for advancement or growth, put on the brakes. Find a job that can become a career you can build over time, or go back to school for education in a different field.

2. Your boss is toxic

Working for a difficult person can truly create chaos in your life and mind. Toxic bosses come in many forms. Yours may constantly criticize you, take credit for your work, never stop asking for more work from you, or not have your back in difficult situations. If your boss is making you miserable, make a change.

You may be able to go to a superior in the company to complain about your boss’s behavior, especially if it is illegal or unethical. This is worth a shot if you really like your job but just can’t stand your boss or direct supervisor.

3. You feel like your workday lasts forever

Some days are going to feel like they never end, and that’s true of any job. However, it may be a sign if it’s happening consistently. Productive work should make you feel energized, not bored. If you are happy with what you’re doing, the workday should go by quickly.

4. You are not appreciated for your work

Good employers look for reasons to encourage and uplift good employees. Your supervisor or manager should be praising your good work. If instead of letting you know that you did a great job, your supervisor just asks for more, you probably don’t feel appreciated.

You deserve to get positive feedback for your effort and results. If you’re not getting it at your current job, find a job where you will.

5. Your employer’s values don’t match yours

It’s hard to work for someone whose goals you don’t support, and it can be discouraging to feel like your life revolves around making money for someone else when you really want to be making a difference in people’s lives.

You’re always going to be happier with an employer if you are working toward the same goals. And if your employer is asking you to do things that you feel ethically or morally uncomfortable with, it’s a sign that you are working in the wrong place.

6. You are emotionally exhausted after your work day

Hard work can be mentally and physically tiring, and that’s a good feeling if you’ve accomplished something with your effort. But if you are just emotionally drained after a day of dealing with your employer, customers, or co-workers, your job may not be worth doing anymore. You need to have emotional energy in reserve for other people in your life and for yourself.

7. You wouldn’t recommend your employer to a friend

If there was an opening in your company, would you encourage a friend to apply? If you enjoy your work and respect those you work for, you would want your friends to share in that experience. But if you can honestly say that you wouldn’t want to put a friend through what you have to deal with day after day, it may be time to think about a change. Sometimes you need to be your own best friend.

8. You are afraid to speak up

Do you feel silenced in your job? Do you refrain from voicing your opinion because you know you’re going to be shut down? A healthy workplace encourages communication and the flow of ideas. Everyone should feel that their views are heard and respected. It’s hard to feel good about a job when you don’t have a voice in your company or department.

9. Your job stress spills into the rest of your life

It’s easy to let your problems at the job affect other areas of your life, but it’s something most people have to handle. If you feel like your job issues are so overwhelming that you can’t keep them out of your family life or personal life, your job has too much power over you.

Stress in a job can cause a breakdown of your romantic relationship, can come between friends, can cause you to not be an involved parent, and can even negatively impact your health. No job is worth that much loss.

10. You aren’t being paid what you are worth

Your salary should be comparable to those of other people in similar positions in your geographic area. It should also reflect your skills and experience. If you aren’t getting raises after a significant amount of time, or if you are being paid less than others are for the same job, start looking for a new position where you will be getting an appropriate paycheck.

If any of these 10 signs look familiar to you, you should at least consider whether or not you are in the right work situation. Take some time to look around and see what other job options are available in your field, or consider gathering skills that will allow you to work in a different area completely. A job change can be an exciting and highly valuable experience, so don’t be afraid to look for the job that you deserve.