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5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Job Interview

You may be killing your job interview because of major interview mistakes. The interviewer is not going to give you an appraisal of your interview performance. Either you get the call for a second interview or you don’t.
When you are not called for a second interview, take a moment to evaluate your interview performance.
Are you making these 5 job interview mistakes?

1. You Arrive Late to Your Job Interview

If you are not punctual for the interview, you have failed the interview before it started. There simply is no acceptable excuse for tardiness, other than an earthquake or a sinkhole swallowed your car. All kidding aside, an interviewer may seem to take it in stride, but it is a big strike against you.
To avoid the mistake, practice your route the day before and leave a half-hour early to avoid unforeseen delays.

2. You Don’t Dress for Success

Carefully plan your wardrobe. Even if your job does not require business attire, always dress in business attire for an interview. You won’t be taken out of the running for wearing a sharp suit. You may be eliminated for dressing down. Take time to groom yourself impeccably, from your perfectly-cut hair to your freshly-shined shoes. Be sure to check out the complete guide on what to wear to a job interview.

3. Negative Comments Towards Your Current Employer

Never reveal confidential information regarding a former employer. Also, skip any negative comments. It makes you seem untrustworthy and disloyal. Disclosing confidential information may have legal implications for you and the company interviewing you.
One technique used by interviewers is to prompt and encourage you to talk ill of your current or past employer. They are enticing you to test your behavior. Stay positive when discussing former employers, clients, and coworkers.

4. Being Uncooperative

It is surprising how many candidates harm their job search through a lack of cooperation. If you are asked for information, provide it, even if you already gave it to someone else at the company. “That’s on my resume” is not an acceptable answer – ever.
Even if you have been asked the same question by three people in one interview, answer it again like it is the first time asked. You are being tested on your ability to get along with others and work with a group to reach a goal.

5. Rude Behavior

You are being examined starting with the time you enter the parking lot. Be courteous to everyone you encounter, even a fellow candidate. Here are just a few examples of rude behavior during an interview: eating, chewing gum, texting, answering calls, interrupting the interviewer, asking for a special beverage, burping, and uttering curse words. You may think this discussion of rudeness is unnecessary. However, recruiters and hiring managers anecdotally report that more candidates are eliminated for this reason than any other.
All of the above mistakes are easy to overcome. It is a matter of being aware that you are making these mistakes. Knowledge is the first step.
First, make your resume look professional. Then, pay attention to resolve these job interview issues and you will find yourself evaluating a job offer.